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Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show, Part 3: All About The Tan!!


Welcome to Part 3 of my Beauty Trend Show coverage. So far, I gave you the low down on the top summer beauty trends and showed you my makeover from Lancôme national artist, Jason, where he shared his favorite beauty tips with us.

Now it’s time for me to tell you about the one take away I got from this season’s show – safe, self-tanning is what’s HOT, baby!

Almost every brand that presented during the show mentioned a new bronzing product that promised a golden glow without the harm of UV rays. Fusion Beauty even brought out a shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch-esque male model to demonstrate their GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Face & Body Natural Protein Tan ($58 US). Boy did he get those ladies riled up at 9am!

If you want to try getting a nice, golden tan without the harmful sun and even worse for you tanning beds, here are some easy steps from Nordstrom Beauty Director Joelle Russo to prep your body for an easy at-home tan that’s gorgeous and not to mention safe for you! (more…)



Norstrom Beauty Trend Show, Part 1: Summer in the City


It’s 8am on Saturday, a usually quiet and sleepy time before the San Francisco Centre Downtown opens up for business. This week was a little different, though.  This Saturday, there’s already a long line to the elevators to go up to Nordstrom. As the doors open up to the main floor, we’re welcomed by bumpin’ jams from an unseen DJ and are escorted to follow the music up the escalators.

Finally, we make our way to the top floor to find that this season’s Beauty Trend Show getting ready to go into full force. It’s only 8:15am and already there are more than 400 women swarming around, grabbing goody bags from greeters, warming up on hot coffee courtesy of the show, and making their way through to find seats.

I wish I took a picture of the set up because let me tell you, it was looking as fabulous as I’d imagine a fashion show in NYC. There’s a cat walk, bright lights, music – the ambiance was so lively and full of energy, it was almost too much for me so early on a Saturday morning! We looked to find our seats and get ready for the Beauty Trend Show to begin.


Hot off the heels of the Sex and the City movie, the theme of this season’s show, hosted by Nordstrom Beauty Director Joelle Russo, was aptly named Summer in the City. In three acts, we got to see what the hottest looks were as we officially move into summer.  (more…)


Fall Beauty Trend: Metallic Eyes

I’m really excited for fall this year and the subtle metallic makeup is PERFECT because I love colors but I don’t wear a lot of makeup so a little shimmer from these metallics goes a long way.

The Makeup Girl got me thinking about the new fall colors when she featured a Bobbi Brown trio on her blog a couple days ago. So I dug around to find some more metallic finds that I’d love to try. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Laura Mercier’s Metallic Créme Eye Colour, $22, comes in beautiful shades of plums and copper this season. What I really love about creme shadows is that you can wear them underneath powder eyeshadows, plum for example, and the color really shines through. Combine the two and purples are more vibrant and the colors are truer to what they look like in their containers. The creme and powder combo is really ideal for long lasting wear and evening. Laura Mercier’s line of metallic creme shadow’s are long-lasting and waterproof, and that’s always a plus.

Shop Laura Mercier’s collection of metallic creme shadows now.



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