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Archive for the 'body' Category

September Favorites: Green Beauty Picks

Essence of Beauty Botanical Body Wash Lavender

I used to be stricter about healthy eating, but nowadays I find moderation in a 70/30 “clean”/indulgent diet. Life’s too short to miss out on sweets and treats or crusty pizza each week!

When it comes to beauty though, I’m a lot more relaxed. I won’t pick a mediocre organic product over an amazing conventional one. I’m always actively looking for more natural products though. Take a look at what I’ve stumbled upon this month.

I’ve been doing early morning showers as I hit the gym before class this semester. The new Essence of Beauty Botanical Body Wash in Lavender ($9.99 US) is a soothing, relaxing addition to my shower caddy that lathers gorgeously.




Bath & Body Treats with Red Door Spa

Red Door Spa

I rarely get them, but there’s nothing more relaxing than a facial. I hadn’t treated myself to one in a while, so when I was in New York last week I decided to get one. I’m a big believer in pampering myself, although it’s usually more along the lines of chocolate and a movie while painting my nails.

You know what’s also amazing sometimes? A long hot shower. A little special treatment there doesn’t hurt either.



Fixing Winter Dryness with Dessert Essence, Oyin and Steamcream

Desert Essence

I?m excited to be experiencing my first winter on the East Coast. Some of my friends who?ve lived there their entire lives are jaded about snow, but I?m still like a little kid on Christmas morning at the sight of any snowfall.

Of course, I was back in California for most of December and January, so I wasn?t in the cold quite as long as some of my friends who live on the East Coast.



Smooth Skin with 4 Must-Have Scrubs

Bliss Lemon Sage Scrub

One of my best friends is getting married next weekend and her bridesmaids (I'm one of them!) are preparing our beauty routine for the big day.

Leading up to next Saturday, I'm going to heavy up on the body scrubs and exfoliate two or three times a week.  Currently in my shower is Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Scrub ($36 US).



My Perfect Tan Plan for a Day in the Sun


Last month, my friends Nikki and Jon had a destination wedding in Costa Rica and a small group of us journeyed to the beautiful Central American country to help them celebrate.

The five-day trip was a perfect medley of friends, fun and sun.  I did not need t-shirts, braided bracelets or other souvenirs to remind me of the trip.  The best souvenir I brought back was my sun-kissed Costa Rican tan.


My definition of a perfect tan is even, moderate color without the aftermath of peeling lizard-like dry skin.  To achieve the perfect tan, you need the right mix of sunblocks, moisturizers and ritualistic reapplication throughout the day.  I call this “right mix” My Perfect Tan Plan.

After numerous vacations in some of the world’s beachiest destinations ranging from the Mediterranean Sea to Malibu, I know how a bad sunburn can ruin a vacation.  Here are my MVPs for My Perfect Tan Plan.




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