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Get the Look: Summer Lips Edition

Cargo Essential Lip Gloss

If you take a look at the counters right now you’ll see that the latest thing in lip products is hybridized formulas. For example: lipsticks that shine like glosses or glosses that are as opaque as lipsticks.

For the Summer, when you ideally want to wear as little product as possible, these essentially dual-purpose lippies are perfect. However, I lean towards the latter option, if only because I feel like they offer a little extra moisture for my lips.




Your Time is Up: CARGO Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology Tells You When


I know that lots of cosmetics products have expiration dates but I don’t always remember when I purchase them so that I can keep track of when I should throw anything out.

Since I usually go through a tube of mascara within three months or my foundation within 12-18 months anyway, I hardly ever have to worry about when these need to be tossed.   However, I have so many lip glosses in my beauty stash that there’s no way I can know when I need to throw out what.

Depending on the formula, I’d say lip glosses can keep up to  18-24 months before they start to smell weird or separate in texture.  Once that happens, I just chuck ‘em in the garbage. If you have as many lip products as I do, it can be a pain to go through each and every tube.

Thankfully for me I don’t need to wait for Flavor Flav to tell me when their time is up because there’s one product in my arsenal that doesn’t require any guesswork on my part – Cargo Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology.


Cargo Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology ($22 US) specifically recommends that this paraben-free lip product be used within 9 months of first usage (or cracking open the lid, in my opinion) so they created a timestrip that inserts into the cap of the gloss and will countdown until the 9 months are up.




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