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Archive for the 'China Glaze' Category

Thanksgiving Mani: Help Me Choose!


Just two more days until Turkey Day and I’m having a hard time trying to choose which color to paint my nails for the occasion.

Yesterday I found inspiration in Decorative Diva’s multi-colored mani and tried to sit down to do my own in front of the television while watching football.  I pulled out my China Glaze Rodeo Diva collection and kind of just stared at it.  There are 12 colors in this set and they each looked so pretty in the bottle, I couldn’t decide.

So I started swatching, and after I swatched the 3rd shade I thought, why not let you guys help me choose!

All the colors in Rodeo Diva are right up my alley – shimmery, vampy and oh-so-colorful with sassy jewel-tones that are darker for the fall season.  Here’s each color for your viewing pleasure; please vote for your favorite in the poll below so that I can paint my nails in time for Thursday :)


Lasso My Heart is a pretty purple with golden shimmer.  The formula on this one is a breeze to apply, not too thick and two coats easily does the job.




Mani of the Day: China Glaze Rodeo Diva


I’m loving China Glaze so much right now that I’m giving you another post – because you know you can’t get enough either ;)

Today I painted by nails with Prize Winning Mare from China Glaze’s fall collection, Rodeo Diva.   It’s a cool bronzy shade that packs in tons of shimmer and reminds me of a lighter, more mocha version of Chanel’s Haute Chocolat.

All of the colors in the Rodeo Diva collection are pretty much up my alley, bringing forth 12 total shades divided into two sets: Hay Ride and Flannel Fixation.  Prize Winning Mare is part of the Hay Ride set, with more neutral colors ranging from lighter shades like flax to vampier colors that I adore so much.

Flannel Fixation is a more vibrant set with darker versions of your favorite purple, blue and green jewel-tone shades!  I don’t think that there’s one color in this half of Rodeo Diva’s set that I won’t love.

If you haven’t already, check out All Lacquered Up’s swatches here and here.  My friend Michelle always does the best nail swatches and I drool over almost every color!

What do you think of Prize Winning Mare for fall?  I really like the unique color with fun shimmer but the Boyfriend isn’t feelin’ it as much.  Oh well, we can’t always please him, can we?

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Giveaway: China Glaze Bahama Blues


The weather’s been miserable this weekend – storms all yesterday and dreary overcast clouds today as well.  So I decided, if I can’t whisk you all away for a weekend in paradise, I can bring island paradise to you!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I showed you Blue Island Iced Tea, my favorite blue polish from China Glaze’s new winter collection, Bahama Blues?

Well, in my attempt to get your mind off the fall weather and into warmer climates, I’ve decided to give you a little bit of the Bahamas with this week’s sweepstakes!

All you have to do is enter below with your name, email address and opt-in to my monthly newsletter.  You can have a chance to win the full set of China Glaze’s Bahama Blues collection with 6 pretty indigo shades, each of which you can find as gaze out into the ocean from your beach lounge chair  ;)

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Ice Ice Baby: China Glaze Bahama Blues


After a few days of wearing Chanel’s new Haute Chocolat polish on my nails, I was in dire need of something uplifting and light – to suit my mood as well as this extra warm weather in Southern California.  I know I haven’t lived here in 7 years but was October always this warm??  I digress..

I decided to pull out China Glaze’s Bahama Blues Collection for Winter 2008.  The color story is based on taking us away from cold, wintery weather and tempts us to book that beach vacation.  You know the kind where you lay out all day and gaze longingly at the many shades of blue from the ocean and wish your life was like that all the time?  Okay, try to come back to reality with me..


In trying to decide which of the six pretty blues from this collection I was going to wear, I was immediately drawn to Blue Island Iced Tea.  It’s a silvery, metallic blue with so much glittery bling in it, I didn’t know if I should love it or hate it. Well, now that they’re on my tips, I’ve decided that I LOVE it!

The formula is great.  Because of the foil-like finish you get, if you’re not a perfect polisher, it won’t matter because imperfections can be easily looked over.  The sparkle factor is phenomenal when you’re outdoors in the natural sunlight.  It really reminds of me the sparkling pool where we spent many hours swimming up to the pool bar for cocktails.

Next time I’ll ask the bartender if he can make me a Blue Island Iced Tea to go with my pretty nails  ;)

Get China Glaze at Head2ToeBeauty.com – each bottle is a mere $3.  Quite a steal if you’re looking for an escape to the Caribbean, for sure.

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I Spy Operation Colour by China Glaze


I was never much of a comic book reader as a kid, except to read random issues of Adventures of Tintin that my uncles had lying around the house. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about the adventures of this cute European reporter and his cute little fox terrier sidekick, Snowy?

As with any comic or cartoon strip, as much as it is about the words, the images play a huge part in telling the story as well. And the folks at China Glaze are really “breaking free” from traditional concepts and have tapped into this boys’ comic market to bring us gals a little piece of it with their new fall nail color collection, Operation Colour. Check out how some of the shades really look like they come from the Tintin cover!



The lacquer shades in this collection is definitely spy-inspired to give us colors that you’d quite often see in those comics, you just never knew it until you sport them on your tips. I’m wearing Pink Underground today, a pale pink with blue undertones and a subtle shimmer that just gives that extra bit of oomph I’m looking for.




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