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Archive for the 'Crystal Says..' Category

New on Fifth Avenue, Saks’ Fragrance Library

Saks Fifth Avenue Fragrance Library

Even as I become more familiar with New York City, I never miss an opportunity to go there, and I fall in love with the city more deeply each time. So last week I jumped at the chance to attend a preview of Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fragrance Library.

A concept shop on the fifth floor of the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, the Fragrance Library is the cutest idea for a unique fragrance shopping experience.




Shop the Look: All Black My Way

Shop the Look All Black My Way

Note: Shop the Look is a new series where I put together a look (or multiple!) that is completely “shop-able,” meaning everything is available for you to check out and shop at the time of publishing the post. It’s short and brief, but totally style-inspiring. Let me know what you think!

Tee | Wavy Ring | Circle Ring | Cuff Ring | Bag | Lipstick | Shoes | Jeans

I’m so in love with all black right now. Probably because I was just in NYC the past two weeks where the style uniform for women seems to be that. Of course, I have to add my own touch though. Dainty metallic accents and sexy siren reds do it for me.

How do you add your own style to an all-black outfit?

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Bath & Body Treats with Red Door Spa

Red Door Spa

I rarely get them, but there’s nothing more relaxing than a facial. I hadn’t treated myself to one in a while, so when I was in New York last week I decided to get one. I’m a big believer in pampering myself, although it’s usually more along the lines of chocolate and a movie while painting my nails.

You know what’s also amazing sometimes? A long hot shower. A little special treatment there doesn’t hurt either.



Back to School Shopping

Back to School shopping

Back to school shopping is something I’ve always looked forward to. The anticipation of a fresh start at the beginning of each school year inspires me to try new styles and set motivating goals.

Even if you may not be going back to classes, check out some of my cool school-inspired picks for the back to school season.



Little Steps for a Polished Look with Tarte

Tarte Clay

Through trial and error I’ve come to acknowledge that the key to achieving the polished look is investing in the time to lay down the prep work for a look that lasts. Any look can be polished for a short stint, but the kind of sophisticated look we want looks fresh and pretty even at 5pm.

Two little steps you can take that make a world of difference? Priming the eyes and grooming the brows.




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