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Chocolate and Vintage Gold

chocolate and gold

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Going back to the little details, I’m feeling inspired by warm chocolate tones that feel dreamy against changing leaves and the brisk air. Monochromatic brushed “vintage gold” jewelry looks luxe without being flashy and pairs perfectly with velvety deep colors. Navy and chocolate are a winning combination as are burgundy (or any other dark reds) and browns.

What are your favorite colors for Fall fashions?

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All Access: Backstage at Rebecca Minkoff A/W ’14

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 beauty

Now that I moved to Massachusetts for school, New York City is only a (relatively) inexpensive and short bus ride away. So of course, I couldn’t let myself miss out on covering all the Fall 2014 beauty trends at New York Fashion Week. I had such a blast last year and was so excited to have the opportunity to be invited back.

My first day in the city I woke up, bought myself a classic NYC bagel and waited for my first show: Rebecca Minkoff. Get ready for undone chic with a hint of classic this Autumn.



Nails of the Week: Deborah Lippmann Today was a Fairytale and Orly Mirror Mirror

Deborah Lippmann Today was a Fairytale

It was snowing here today. That makes it about three times that I’ve seen falling snow. Like a little kid, I couldn’t help myself from going outside and frolicking in the snow. It was so pristine and beautiful, though the icy ground made it a little hard to frolic.

Feeling inspired, I decided to take it to my nails. The bare trees and powdery snow on icy surfaces brought to mind a new nail color I’ve been eager to wear. Of course, a touch or two of glitter is always appropriate for the holiday season.



Nails of the Week: Orly Coachella Dweller and Essie Set in Stones

Essie Set in Stones, Orly Coachella Dweller

One thing I?m always surprised about is that some of my friends are concerned with how flattering a nail color looks on them. That?s an issue I never consider, because I consider nails to be a fun accessory.

I guess I can see how it might be relevant when it comes to nude nails, but for colors, I believe that there?s always a way to make a color work.



Nails of the Week: Essie Bottle Service

Essie Bottle Service

Hot pink is hot for summer!

When I was at the nail salon the shade immediately jumped out at me, almost like it was calling me.  “Pick me… Pick me!”  I even tried to talk myself into other shades but ultimately absolutely couldn't resist Essie Bottle Service for my tips and toes.




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