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Archive for the 'hair' Category

On our Beauty Radar: Brazilian Blowout Acai Haircare

Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-frizz

I’ve noticed that most of my girlfriends are more in tune with the particulars of their skin than their hair. Not to say that they have terrible hair, but it makes sense when you think about how skincare has one standard of beauty (flawless and smooth) but haircare caters to a handful of different desired looks (curly, straight, etc).

Between new hair and skin products, it seems to me that haircare is much more trend-based. Like everyone by now, I knew of Brazilian blowouts, which my close friend has gotten done and loved, but I wasn’t aware of the company’s own hair products.




September Favorites: Green Beauty Picks

Essence of Beauty Botanical Body Wash Lavender

I used to be stricter about healthy eating, but nowadays I find moderation in a 70/30 “clean”/indulgent diet. Life’s too short to miss out on sweets and treats or crusty pizza each week!

When it comes to beauty though, I’m a lot more relaxed. I won’t pick a mediocre organic product over an amazing conventional one. I’m always actively looking for more natural products though. Take a look at what I’ve stumbled upon this month.

I’ve been doing early morning showers as I hit the gym before class this semester. The new Essence of Beauty Botanical Body Wash in Lavender ($9.99 US) is a soothing, relaxing addition to my shower caddy that lathers gorgeously.



Bargain Dash: L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extreme

L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme

Confession time: It’s been about a year since I’ve let scissors near my hair. In my defense, my hair is pretty healthy and I like the undone, imperfect look. That said, I can’t explain away split ends, which I’m starting to see.

I’m stubborn about having long, healthy hair though so that means no coloring and keeping trims to a minimum. Quality products are absolutely a must both for preventing and treating naturally occurring damage. In short, salon results without actually stepping foot into a salon.



The Summer Beauty Edit

Hum Runway Ready

Is it just me or did July fly by? I’m already back at the East Coast after my month-long internship at t+j Designs, but it seems like just yesterday that I landed in Seattle bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I guess being so busy and operating on a schedule has something to do with it, but I’m sad to see my favorite season gone so quickly. Of course, I couldn’t let the season go by without sharing some of my new beauty favorites.



All Access: Alice + Olivia A/W ’14

Alice + Olivia Fall 2014

To finish off our coverage of NYFW A/W ’14, we have Alice + Olivia! Unfortunately, backstage access to cover the beauty looks was very limited so that by the time I was able to get inside, the models were already leaving to get dressed for the presentation. The good news is that I have photos of the presentation to share, so you can get a look at the beautifully done hair and makeup.

The set was fairy-tale themed and the hair was a dream-like vision of volume that complemented the doll-like makeup perfectly. TRESemme was in charge of the hair while Stila Cosmetics created the makeup look.




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