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All Access: Backstage at Rebecca Minkoff A/W ’14

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 beauty

Now that I moved to Massachusetts for school, New York City is only a (relatively) inexpensive and short bus ride away. So of course, I couldn’t let myself miss out on covering all the Fall 2014 beauty trends at New York Fashion Week. I had such a blast last year and was so excited to have the opportunity to be invited back.

My first day in the city I woke up, bought myself a classic NYC bagel and waited for my first show: Rebecca Minkoff. Get ready for undone chic with a hint of classic this Autumn.




How To: Prep Your Skin for Poolside


It’s Friday and I’m heading off to Vegas, baby!

Being that this is the first time in a long time that I’m visiting Sin City in the spring (it’s supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow!) and there’s only one thing I want to do when I get there – hit the pool, baby!  Okay second thing since the first thing will be the Blackjack table when I arrive tonight at 9pm  ;)

But before I soak in the sun and chlorine tomorrow at the Venetian Hotel pool, I need to prep to make sure my skin is as soft as can be.


First, exfoliate!  Slosh off dead skin cells to reveal brighter, softer you.  I’ve tried many body scrubs and exfoliators and one of my favorites is Thymes Essentials Body Scrub ($36 US).  It’s a sugar scrub that smells deliciously citrusy like tangerines, grapefruit, and orange.



Get Long Locks with Hairdo Extensions

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating whether or not to grow out my hair.  Longtime readers of this blog will know that I underwent a major hair change, chopping off my long locks for the first time in over 7 years last March.  And while I liked the sassy, short ‘do, there’s not very much I can do with it to change it up when my fancy strikes.

Now, my hair is in that ugly, middle stage where it doesn’t know what to do with itself and I need to decide if I’m going to ride it out and grow it long, or give my mane that trim it so desperately needs.


During my dilemma, I was excited to be given the opportunity to try Hairdo Clip-In Extensions from Jessica Simpson and her hair guru, Ken Paves.  I thought this would a fun way for me to see myself with long hair again so I could truly decide if I wanted my flowing locks again.



Here I am with my regular hair as it looks like today.  It’s about shoulder length with longer sections around the front of my face.



2009 Oscar’s Beauty: Marisa Tomei


{Image Source}

Is it just me or does Marisa Tomei seems to be frozen in time?  Tomei is as beautiful now, if not more beautiful, than she was back when she won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 1992’s My Cousin Vinny!

Tomei’s look at Sunday’s Academy Awards did not disappoint. Although there were some naysayers who found her gown too fussy, I thought the look overall was gorgeous. My favorite part of the look was the haphazard-but-thoughtfully-styled coif.

For the special night, Tomei looked to Frederic Fekkai’s Adir Abergel to create a hairstyle that would complement the ivory gown. Abergel’s inspiration for the hair was the cascades of soft movement winding along the twists and turns of her dress.

Here are his tips on how to get the look:



How to Wear It: NARS Persepolis Eyeshadow Duo


The word Persepolis conjures up images of Persian women with their exotic kohl-lined eyes and sultry stares.  The shimmery sea foam green and royal blue NARS eyeshadow duo of the same name brings up similar images.

Lilan gifted me with the NARS eyeshadow duo a while ago but unfortunately, the colors are too bold to be added it into my daily makeup routine (I work in a typical office environment).  The colors are also so vibrant and memorable that I can’t wear it too often as it often overpowers the rest of my makeup and outfit.  However, I’m happy to say that I have found a happy medium.

To make the most of NARS’s dynamic eyeshadows, I use them as powder eye liners.  I’m sure there are many readers out there who have either received an odd colored shadow color or bought one that ended up being too difficult to use.  This trick should work with all those colors and save them from makeup purgatory.


Tools Needed:  Slant-Angle liner brush, Smudge Blush and eyeshadow duo

I recommend the Sephora Professionnel Platinum makeup brushes.  They are a good value (compared with Shu Uemura and NARS brushes) and most of them are made of natural fibers so they are easier to work with.

Step 1:

Take the smudge brush and press it into the deeper blue shade.  Do not rub the brush back and forth in the eyeshadow.  Then, gently press the powdered brush (either wet or dry) along the lash line of the top eyelid.  Do not drag the brush across the lash line.  Instead, continue to dip the brush into the shadow and deposit the color onto eyes.

Repeat steps until the top lash line has been outlined with the darker color.  In the case of the Persepolis color kit, the royal blue shadow would line my top eyelid.

Step 2:

Now take the slant-angle liner brush and dip it into the lighter, seafoam green and line the bottom eyelid.  Again, do not rub or drag the brush along the lash line, instead press the color onto the brush then gently color on the lower lash line.

Pressing the colors along the lash line, instead of rubbing, saves your brushes from excess wear and tear as well as guarantee that more color will be deposited where you want it instead of dusting around your eye.




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