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Weekend Eats: Shanghai Dumpling King

Shanghai Dumpling_pork and chive

As much as The Husband and I enjoy food, rarely are our eating adventures spontaneous.  We like to plan out where we're going, whether it's for a date night out or weekend brunch.

But on Saturday, we woke up and watched a video on the ever-changing landscape of San Francisco's food truck scene and spotted Shanghai Dumpling King in the segment.  And with that, our destination on where to go for breakfast was decided – we were going to head to the Richmond district from some of their famed dumplings.




Neighborhood Finds: Izakaya Sozai

Izakaya_Takoyakitakoyaki – battered octopus ball tonkatsu sauce

I live in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  It's not particularly known for its food unless you're looking for a hole in the wall dim sum or noodle joint to satisfy a craving and you're too lazy to hop a bus to Chinatown.

There is one neighborhood spot that I read about on a top foodie list somewhere and got so excited that it was close to where I lived that we had to try it – Izakaya Sozai.



Dine About Town: Vicoletto


San Francisco is a great foodie destination and we love that our good ‘ol City by the Bay gives us Dine About Town twice a? year so that we can keep trying out restaurants we wouldn’t normally know about.

This year, we went to Vicoletto, a quaint Italian restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach district, otherwise known a Little Italy.? Normally, Dine About Town lasts for a week or two in January and June, but this restaurant is extending its $36.89 three-course menu through the end of the month.



Surprise Finds at SF Flea Markets

I’m not really the type that shops at the flea market, not because I don’t have the patience to uncover vintage treasures (okay, it is) but mostly because I have no clue how to pull everything together in my house to make it look chic and not like I’m a pack rat.


But once in a while we’ll venture out to the Sunday outdoor markets to make a day of it and browse around.  On this particular Sunday in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I spied a something that I really, really wanted to get: Vogue Covers 1900 – 1970.

I flipped through the original, yet torn and tattered, poster book and awed at the old illustrations (before they started snapping cover photos) and simple headlines – if any at all.  It amazed me to see how styles have changed over the years.  But I was saddened to see that this poster book, valued at $200 – 300 US on Amazon, was not a complete collection.  It had missing pages and some were falling out of the cover.

Still, as I put the book back in its place I thought to myself, I should come down to the flea market more often.  Even if I never shell out a penny, who knows what else I might find?  I can just pretend I’m in another time and imagine what it would be like to live in history.

Have you ever come across an old piece of art, vintage clothing or home decor pieces that just seemed to transport  you back in time by just looking at it?

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San Francisco’s Cherry Blossom Festival



One thing that I really love about the San Francisco are all the street fairs that take place throughout the year.  When I lived in Garden Grove, the only things I had to look forward to were the annual Strawberry Festival and the Orange County Fair.

But here in the city, there are a lot more events that are in closer proximity which gives me all access to delicious food all the time  :)

Last Sunday, the Boyfriend and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, a two-weekend event in San Francisco’s Japantown.  The festival itself was only 3 blocks long, but there’s lots of food, booths and shopping vendors to make it a full afternoon event.

One of my favorite things about the Cherry Blossom Festival is the selection of food.  Yes there’s the typical fare you’d find like nachos, hot dogs and burgers, but in addition to that, there’s loads of Asian and Japanese-inspired  dishes.


Spam Musubi, a sushi-like treat made of a block of rice and a slice of Spam on top and held together with nori all around it.


Takoyaki, a traditional octopus dish but in this case made with beef.  These made-to-order Japanese dumplings are topped with pickled ginger and green onion.  They looked really yummy but I didn’t get to try one, maybe next year since I’m eating meat again!


A photo op with the Sapporo lady!


It was a sunny day but not too warm where I couldn’t enjoy a piping hot bowl of udon noodles.  I was surprised how they were able to keep the broth so hot!  It really hit the spot :)


The Boyfriend grubbed on a really yummy-looking Gyudon bowl, or Japanese-style beef and rice bowl.


After all that hot food, a cup of flavored shaved ice would have been completely refreshing but I was too stuffed to eat any more!

Have you been to the Cherry Blossom Festival?  What are your favorite dishes to munch on when you go to your local festivals?

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