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Editorial & Content Disclosure

Public Relations

Although some of the items reviewed on The Daily Cookie are purchased, we do accept products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Receipt of a product does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product. While we attempt to accept only products of interest in hopes of lessening negative reviews, we do not guarantee a favorable review. Reviews are done based on honest assessments of the products and content is not pre-approved by brand or PR representatives. Products that wish to impose such limitations will not be accepted for review. Editorial timeline is currently 4-6 weeks from receipt of a product. Beginning in October 2009, all items received from brands and PR representatives are disclosed as such.

Advertorial Posts

The Daily Cookie occasionally includes advertorial or sponsored posts.  All advertorial posts that recommend a product or store are disclosed as being advertorial in the post.  Sponsored posts may include an advertisement, but have no affect on the content.  E.g. the content is not recommending the product, store, or item in the advertisement. Such posts may or may not be labeled as sponsored.

Affiliate Links and Advertising

The Daily Cookie will, at times, make use of affiliate links.  A commission is earned when a product is purchased using such a link.  The site is also supported by paid advertisements and is a member of the Glam Media Publisher Network.

No Warranty of Products

The Daily Cookie makes no warranties as to the effectiveness or quality of any product. All reviews are based on personal experience and personal opinion. Individual user’s opinion may vary. Comments concerning reviews from users about their experiences are encouraged and welcome.

Site and Content Use

All material on The Daily Cookie retain their full copyright. Use of material, either in full, part, or derivative form, without express permission is prohibited. All material, whether found directly on the sites or taken from an RSS feed is licensed for personal use only.  We protect our copyrights and take violations seriously. Republication without express permission may result in billing for use of the material, formal notification of the violation to hosts and advertisers under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and other legal action as deemed necessary.


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