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Facials at Shizuka New York Day Spa


Being in New York for the first time during Fashion Week, I was hoping to try some of the touristy things like eating at Serendipity's or going to Grand Central. Sadly, I didn't have time to do half the things on my list due to weather and scheduling.

But in the midst of the rush and bustle that is New York, I had the chance to try a special facial service from Shizuka New York Day Spa by Shizuka Bernstein. It was one I've read about before and was curious about, but had never seen offered where I lived. Have you heard of the geisha facial?

Shizuka New York Day Spa Dressing Rooms

More commonly known as the “bird-poop” facial, I was actually excited to try it despite its starring ingredient. The powdered nightingale droppings are meant to exfoliate and brighten the skin. There is no unpleasant scent during the application, because rice bran is mixed in to help exfoliate. According to Bernstein, the nightingale droppings make for a gentle and all natural exfoliation that guests like as opposed to a chemical one. I did feel the granules while it was being massaged into my skin, and felt that it did an efficient job of exfoliating. However, I think the overall results I saw with the facial were due to the combination of products used and the care my skin received from Shizuka Bernstein.

Shizuka products

Along with the nightingale droppings, Bernstein cleansed my skin with the Shizuka New York Foaming Cleanser and the Clay Cleanser. I'm very sensitive to pain, but the light pore extractions that followed only pinched a little. Additional products used were the Shizuka New York Skin Freshener, Moisturizer, and an amazing-smelling camellia oil. All the products, which are sold in the spa and online, are very gentle and designed to work with almost all skin types. They are formulated with Japanese extracts like pearl protein, green tea, and sake. Usually, my skin feels oily with too much product, but after the facial, I was pleased to find soft and clean skin, albeit a little redness where the extractions were.

My dad, who came on the trip to New York with me also came along for the spa's Men's Facial. This was his first time trying a treatment like this before, but he said that he felt very comfortable during the process. His aesthetician explained all the steps to him and made sure he was aware of what was going to happen. It was fun for me to see him marveling over his skin afterwards, which he said felt like an entirely new layer.

Shizuka Day Spa

Little details like the extra care spent on the hand and temple massage complemented the quiet and non-rushing atmosphere for a special retreat-like environment. After service, I was served hot tea and rice crackers to enjoy in the resting lounge next to the dressing stalls. Although Shizuka New York Day Spa is tricky to find, the total experience was very peaceful and relaxing, a great way to wind down from being in a new and unfamiliar city.

Have you heard of Shizuka New York Day Spa? What's the most extreme or strange facial treatment you've ever received?

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