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Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit is Worth the Extra Effort

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit

You'd think I would learn after what seems like one time too many, but some things are worth, or necessitate, the extra step. Like laundry. When the label says “hand wash only,” there's probably a good reason why. Yet, I threw it in the wash after only a tiny second of hesitation. Of course, my new favorite dress had shrunk.

Putting in a little more effort can have extremely rewarding payback too. With that mentality, I've been adding some time to my makeup routine to contour my face with the Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit ($48 US). Just a little twirl, tap and application makes a noticeable difference in my look, regardless of what else I may be wearing. Who doesn't want sculpted cheekbones and a defined chin? All it takes with this little kit is an extra 30 seconds.

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit review

I have the shade 1, which is the lightest offered. One mistake people make with choosing a contour color is to go too dark; it should only be a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Contouring powder is not the same as bronzer, though you can use a bronzer so long as it's a matte shade. The contour powder in this kit is extremely smooth and finely milled so it doesn't cling to the skin, but rather blends in effortlessly. Nothing is worse than having to work too hard to blend in a stubborn product.

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit swatch

The highlight powder in this particular kit is very pink toned. Personally I don't find it as flattering on my tanned skin tone right now. However, when my skin gets paler in the winter, it might be more usable for me. This product should be applied as a highlight and, like the contour powder, is very finely milled so it doesn't appear chalky on the skin. When I contour I like to darken the hollows of my cheeks and highlights the tops of my cheekbones, right under my eyes. I highlight the top of my nose and contour my temples and chin as well.

Do you contour on a daily basis? What are some beauty steps worth the extra time or effort?
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