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Styling t+j Designs Jewelry

t and j designs crystal ivy necklace

I recently got an internship at t+j Designs working with their social media and public relations, something I’m really thrilled about since I think this PR is a field I might be interested in going into.

No matter the kind of job, it’s always a good feeling to actually be passionate about the product or service. I had been a longtime reader of I am Style-ish, so seeing Tiffany create the company with her sister as a blog reader was an exciting part of the process too.

I wanted to show you a few of my favorite pieces. The above is the t+j Designs Crystal Ivy Necklace ($48 US). I styled it with a nude pink brown lipstick so that the crystals, which juxtapose beautifully with the cozy texture of my sweater, could shine.

t and j designs rose gold

This is an arm stack featuring the t+j Designs 18k Rose Gold Pave Spike Bracelet ($68 US) and the t+j Designs Chain Link Bangle in Rose Gold ($28 US). I love rose gold as a metal hue and find that it really complements my tan skin tone.

The spike bracelet is adjustable and a gorgeous piece that feels delicate but looks edgy. The chain bangle is a versatile piece that I can see working well with a variety of #armcandy looks.

t and j designs jewelry

This is another wrist look featuring the t+j Designs 18k Rose Gold Pave Spike Bracelet and my own Michael Kors rose gold watch. I really like the geometrical touch with the square face of the watch and the pyramidal triangular shape of the bracelet.

Tip: Having nice nails when wearing such eye-catching jewelry near your hands is a must-do since all eyes will be there.

What do you think of the above t+j Designs pieces? Do you have any favorite rose gold pieces of jewelry?

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