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Trying Gel Nail Art at Akiko Hair & Nail on Bleecker St.

Akiko Hair & Nail Salon

Ever since I had seen celebrities like Lana del Rey and Rihanna wearing stiletto nails I had been dying to get them myself. The only thing stopping me was the question of the practicality of wearing the trend in real life.

But while I was in New York for Fashion Week this past weekend, I couldn’t help myself from taking the plunge after seeing more than a few pointy-shaped nails around town. I’m not one to shy away from the bold or the trendy, and since it was NYFW, I figured, why not?

Akiko salon nail artI chose to get my nails done at Akiko Hair & Nail, which has great reviews on Yelp for nail art. I knew I would have to get some type of artificial extension added to my nails, and I wanted the polishes used to be gel, so this salon fit the bill perfectly. Akiko Hair & Nail exclusively works with gel polishes and hand-draws their designs. I was wowed by the sample nail art ideas they had which ranged from chic geometric patterns to intricately detailed faces.

Akiko Hair & Nail Salon reviewTucked away in a corner of The Market NYC on 159 Bleecker St., the salon is unassuming but cute in the most unpretentious way. Akiko and her sister do hair for the salon, but I got my nails done by Maco Kawasaki, who is one of the salon’s nail artists. She moved to the States from Japan just two years ago, but her English is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with her from everything about Japanese nail art trends to areas to go shopping in NYC. There she is in the photo on the right!

Akiko nail artI decided to utilize Maco’s extensive experience with Japanese nail art and go for an adorable heart tip with a glitter base. The entire process, from getting acrylic tips applied and shaped to having the hearts hand-drawn with gel, took about two hours. However, at every point in the manicure, Maco was meticulously diligent, and I felt like I was on the receiving end of very high quality work. I am completely in love with the end result, so it was all worth it. I’ve gotten countless compliments already too.

Have you ever gotten gel nail art done? What do you think of the stiletto nail shape?

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