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Weekend Eats: Shanghai Dumpling King

Shanghai Dumpling_pork and chive

As much as The Husband and I enjoy food, rarely are our eating adventures spontaneous.  We like to plan out where we're going, whether it's for a date night out or weekend brunch.

But on Saturday, we woke up and watched a video on the ever-changing landscape of San Francisco's food truck scene and spotted Shanghai Dumpling King in the segment.  And with that, our destination on where to go for breakfast was decided – we were going to head to the Richmond district from some of their famed dumplings.

Between the two of us, we definitely ordered too many dishes but wanted to try a good variety since it was our first time.  First up, the pork and chive dumplings (above).  I prefer any sort of dumplings that aren't too doughy so that you can really taste the fillings. These were pork meatballs with just enough chive that you could tell there were chives in the filling, but not overly onion-y in flavor.  The dough was a little too thick but overall still good.  They sat in a bath of chili oil which didn't add flavor to the dish but did give it nice color compared to the rest of the white dumplings.

Shanghai Dumpling_steamed soup

Next up were the Shanghai steamed dumplings AKA soup-filled dumplings!!  These are my absolute favorite every time I go to any dim sum spot so I was really looking forward to these.  In my opinion, they didn't have enough soup in them but the meat filling was super yummy.  My final take on these soup dumplings are that I actually prefer them elsewhere.  Although I would absolutely order these again next time we come back.

Shanghai Dumpling_pork and crab

And coming back we will do because for me, the crab and pork dumplings were AMAZEBALLS.  The wrappers were thin and delicate and the filling was super hot and delicious because they also seem to have some sort of soup or liquid in them.  Sooooo good!  I will say that if you didn't tell me there was crab in the filling I wouldn't have been able to tell.  It's definitely more on the porky side.

Shanghai Dumpling_Tienjin bun

Last to arrive at our table were these meat and mushroom-filled bun called Tianjin steamed dumplings.  The menu says “dumpling” but really they're steamed buns.  I wasn't able to enjoy these as much as I wanted to because we were so full but they were still so good.  Often times the buns are dense but these are pillowy and light.  We took them to go and even reheated them the next day; they still tasted as fresh as if they had just been served.  That's pretty impressive for a bun if you ask me.

If you are looking for a good spot for dumplings and aren't opposed to traveling to the Outer Richmond, I would definitely recommend Shanghai Dumpling King on Balboa @34th Avenue in San Francisco.

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