Cafés and Bakeries in Historic Hotels

One of the delights of traveling is to try the local food, and there is no better place to start than a bakery. You will soon discover the most popular, with a queue of eager customers waiting to purchase bread and pastries. However, an often-overlooked idea is to find a hotel with a coffee shop, which may have its own on-site bakery. European cities are a great place to start, and Copenhagen should be high on your list.

Danish Baked Goods

Pastries are a Danish specialty and are often enjoyed at breakfast. Nothing beats eating them in the country of their origin, and you can easily find a hotel in Copenhagen Denmark with its own version. The basic recipe calls for layers of puff pastry, with a cream filling or fruit topping. Whether you stay in the hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, or simply enjoy your breakfast as a visitor, you are assured a friendly welcome.

Imagine drinking your coffee on a sunlit terrace as you await your traditional treat. It’s a perfect way to start the day! Perhaps you could purchase further pastries or bread to take away and consume later as you explore Copenhagen.