Tips to Grow Your Cookie Business

Now that you have set up your cookie business, the next hurdle will be how to get customers. Marketing can be the deal maker or breaker, and that’s why you should carefully prepare a marketing strategy. In this article, find some helpful tips to help you grow your cookie business.


You should get your branding right if you want to create a memorable impression. The first thing you need to do is to brand your cookie store, and here, cookie-branded wallpaper for walls is the best option compared to paint. They are cheaper to install and have that “wow effect” on walls. Besides branding the outlet, consider branding your packaging materials. This ensures your product stands out from the rest on the shelves.

Go Online

While traditional marketing methods such as fliers and posters work, online marketing is the most effective channel.

The first thing to do is to go social. Statistics show that half of the world’s population are now on social media. Choose the most appropriate social media platform and build a community. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the best. You can promote your business by targetting customers in your locality. Creating a website can also be a great idea as it boosts your branding efforts, and most importantly, you can start selling your cookies online.

Consider Deliveries

Customers love the convenience of home or office deliveries, and this is a service you should consider offering. Deliveries increase check sizes, makes up for reduced foot traffic and opens up new business opportunities. You can offer deliveries for free or charge extra. To make operations efficient, investing in a delivery bike will be a great deal. Don’t forget to brand the delivery bike or van.

The above are some of the best ways to market your cookie business. But the most important thing to remember is customer satisfaction. Make sure your cookies are tasty always. Organising freebies and giveaways will also help you get more customers, and keep the existing ones.