What is a cookie?


In the English language, the word “cookie” is used to describe an almost unlimited array of all kinds of baked goods, including gooey brownies, biscotti, and lace cookies.

Some cookies are extremely easy to make, while others, elegant, well-decorated, created by professional chefs with decades of experience, make people stop, walk into a bakery and make a purchase.

Most cookie doughs can be prepared ahead of time. They can also be frozen, which means that you can bake cookies very easily without compromising their quality. Many cookies also have a very long shelf life, especially compared to pies or cakes.

Most people have very specific ideas as to what makes a great cookie. These ideas and requirements vary in different regions of the world. For some, cookies absolutely have to be crispy, while others like chewy cookies.

Fat is the substance that determines the texture of a cookie. Deciding whether you will use a dry sugar or fructose syrup also has an influence on the final product. Most cookie recipes use granulated sugar. Moist brown sugars will stay moist even when you are done baking. Confection sugars, on the opposite, will keep the texture of a cookie dry.