Cookies With Nostalgia

When you close your eyes and try to re-imagine the happiest moments of your childhood, there is a good chance that all these great memories will be accompanied by the smell of homemade cookies. Truly, there is nothing like a homemade cookie. In today’s world, which has sped up our lives in such a way that you rarely have time for cooking or baking, people have forgotten that some of the world’s most delicious treats aren’t necessarily store-bought. They can be crafted with eggs, a bit of flour, some butter, and a heap of pure love. And, contrary to popular belief, baking them is as easy as it gets! Read on for some of the best cookies in the world.

Creative Baking

Put on a good chef’s shoe, and get ready! Before you start baking, you will have to ensure that you have some basic equipment. To begin with, you’ll need an assortment of spoons, whisks, spatulas, knives, and bowls. But there is a good chance that you already have those somewhere around your kitchen. You will then need some baking tins, and if you want that cookie to really crumble, you should get a cooling rack as well. From there it’s only a question of how far you want to take your cookie game. Food processors, dough mixers, specialized ovens aren’t a necessity, but they can help you bake a perfect cookie. Then, it’s time for the next step of choosing the recipe. Classic chocolate chip cookies are an instant choice for many. A finely balanced combination of flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, chocolate and sugar will leave your home smelling heavenly. And if you wish for something more complicated, and even more nostalgic, you can always try to make famous French macarons. The classic recipe is more than five centuries old! Isn’t that amazing?

Historic Cookies

Baking Is An Art

Did you know that the oldest cookie recipes date back to 7th Century A.D. Persia? There is a good chance that pharaohs had a sweet tooth, too. Unfortunately, those ancient recipes are now lost to aspiring bakers, but there are many old recipes that are still adored all over the globe. Buttermilk Jumbles originate from the middle ages. Classic Italian Cantuccino, also known as biscotti, is one of today’s essential cookies, also centuries old. Popular Mostaccioli cookies are almost 300 years old! And let’s not forget about Gingerbread cookies. If you thought that this sweet treat is an invention of your grandmother’s, you couldn’t be more wrong! Believe it or not, gingerbread is more than ten centuries old. So, the next time that you have a bite, close your eyes and try to taste that additional ingredient you didn’t know about – the history. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be a cooking history aficionado to give your cookies that nostalgic kick. Sometimes, it’s enough to make classic Creamsicles in cookie form to fuel your imagination and nostalgia and make your mouth water.