Gluten Free Cookies

Everyone these days is all about healthy eating. Whether it’s to keep chronic illnesses and their symptoms at bay or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is an essential part of everyone’s well being. Maintaining a healthy yet manageable balance can prove to be difficult, in particular with the hectic schedules most people have to keep up with. One of these problem areas that can be managed is gluten intolerance, which an increasing number of people suffer from. Management of Celiac Disease also includes implementing a gluten free diet. Fortunately, gone are the days of boring, tasteless diets and never being able to eat out. Gluten free meals are now available from many restaurants, and supermarkets provide many ingredients so that gluten free meals can be prepared at home for the whole family to enjoy.

Gluten Free Snacks

Snacking might not be good for weight control, but most people indulge in it at one time or another. What is morning coffee without a biscuit or cookie? For those who enjoy home baking take a look at these twelve delicious gluten free cookies to try. There will be one in there that will suit you or your family. Gluten intolerance has some unpleasant side effects that include bloating, gas, cramps, and diarrhea. Which, besides being physically uncomfortable, can create some embarrassing situations and distress to the sufferers. It can get so bad that some people start to withdraw from social activities and find their quality of life reduced. Fortunately, things are changing, with the Internet and increased knowledge and support available on social media, gluten free meals and products are readily available, with most supermarkets having dedicated aisles for them. Now, not only can you make tasty and delicious meals, but a huge range of biscuits, cakes, and snacks can be found or made.

Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

Are you a cookie monster? Like to find a few when you’re browsing the internet? Maybe you like some cookies to nibble while searching for flights on Avionero? Because, yes, even though you are gluten intolerant or have Celiac Disease you can still have a holiday abroad; something that was unheard of a few years ago. It was bad enough struggling to find meals and snacks in your own country never mind travelling. Now you can buy cookies, biscuits, chocolate and puddings and more besides, to take with you, or better yet, bake your favourites from the recipes above! Gluten intolerance is now recognised the world over and most popular holiday resorts cater for this. It is a good idea to learn what the term is in the language of the country you are visiting, but a quick look on Google will soon let you know that. These days no-one has to limit their lifestyle or quality of life due to a food intolerance.