No smoking in a bakery

With all the regulations about smoking in public places and particularly in places where food is prepared, you will not be surprised to learn that you should not smoke in a bakery. This does not mean that you can’t satisfy any nicotine cravings you might have though and if you try zyn pouches online then you’ll find a good alternative that works. Easy to order, the pouches are perfect for when you are in a smoking restricted area. Zyn pouches are easy to carry around and can be used no matter where you are.

Visit a bakery

These days, bakeries are not just places to pick up bread. They offer all manner of baked goods, from cakes to pies. However, with the rise of the supermarkets, bakeries need to offer a little more now and for this reason there are plenty that have chosen to become cafes too.

This makes them a great place to enjoy a little lunch – ideal if you just have half an hour for your lunchbreak. They will often do a special offer at lunchtimes so that you get a sandwich or pastry and a drink for a relatively low price. Being able to eat in means that you have somewhere warm and dry to have your lunch break.

If you are lucky enough to find a bakery that is more of a patisserie then you can look forward to some delicious, exquisitely-made cakes, that are perfect with tea or coffee and great to share with friends. This type of bakery has also branched out into the cafe world, to help to bring more customers through the door.